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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

If you’re still searching everything by typing out your inquiry, you may want to consider an alternative way to search: using your voice.

As voice recognition technology continues to improve, there are several benefits you get from using voice search vs. typing. For one, you may get fewer typos, which means more accurate results. You can also skip the extra steps you usually take when searching manually. For example, in Dolphin Browser for Android, you can simply say “eBay Nike shoes” and you’ll go straight to the results on eBay. This saves you time versus typing in ‘’, waiting for the page to load, and then typing ‘Nike shoes’ into the search box.

Dolphin Browser’s voice search (called Dolphin Sonar) also lets you search on social media (example: “Twitter Lady Gaga”) or YouTube (example: “YouTube cute puppies”). Sonar also recognizes over 500 websites by name, so simply saying “Facebook” will take you to the site. Anything Sonar doesn’t recognize will still be searched for from your default search engine.

You can even navigate the web with Sonar. “Back,” “Forward,” “Zoom in/out,” “Paste into address bar,” “Settings,” “Find _____,” “Create Gesture” (Dolphin’s symbol-based navigation system), and more are all accepted voice phrases. Finally, if you find something funny or interesting, you can easily share it with friends and family by saying, “share.”

To activate Dolphin Sonar, you can either hold the Dolphin icon at the bottom and drag your finger towards the microphone icon, or you can turn on the ‘Shake to Activate’ option to launch Sonar when you shake your phone (when Dolphin Browser is open).

One thing to note: Dolphin Sonar currently only supports English, Chinese and Japanese. If you want to start using Sonar, but have your phone’s language set to something else by default, you can either change your device’s default language or launch Dolphin in English, Chinese, or Japanese by going to Dolphin Settings > General > Basic.

So what are you waiting for? Download Dolphin Browser for Android today and let your voice guide you through the web!