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Friday, September 18, 2015

Everyone’s experienced this – your mobile browser is super fast when you first install it, but after a while it starts to feel sluggish, sometimes to the point of frustration or anger.

Slowdown often happens over time simply because of how we use our phones. However, there are some simple tips you can utilize to help decrease slowdown and get back that initial speed.

1.      Too many apps – Many apps will run in the background, which eats up RAM and can cause slowdown. You can manage this by either changing the settings within the app or uninstalling the app completely if you don’t use it anymore.

2.      Virus or malware – If you somehow got malware or a virus on your smartphone, the bug can push ads, phish sites, or crash your phone. Install an anti-virus app to scan your phone and delete anything harmful, which may help your phone (and your browser) speed up a bit.

3.      Too many tabs – Many people like to open pages in new tabs to save for later reading. However, because each tab is counted as a separate process, the more tabs you have open, the slower your browser will be. Close any tabs you’ve already read, or save them as bookmarks and then close them. On Dolphin Browser for Android, you can also save them to the Dolphin home screen as a speed dial, or onto your phone’s home screen as a shortcut. Additionally, there is a Pocket add-on (from the right side bar) that lets you save articles for later viewing.

4.      Too many Add-ons – Of course, if you have too many Add-ons in Dolphin Browser, then that can cause slowdown as well. Be sure to disable (or even remove) any Add-ons that you no longer use.

5.      Clear data – If you’ve stored up cookies, cache, and other data on your browser over a long period of time, your browser may start to feel sluggish. Clear your data regularly to ensure that your browser is light, tidy, and fast, and to protect your own privacy as well!

Follow these tips and your mobile browser should be running at top speed again in no time.