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Monday, July 13, 2015

Since the start of the rifle, shooters have constantly attempted to improve accuracy. It makes no difference if it had been through technique or expertise, having the edge presented additional security and self-confidence behind the trigger. However since the creation of the AR system, we have spotted several different sights. From carry handles to lasers, the market is saturated with possible choices. Rookie shooters and skilled shooters alike are always apprehensive to "pull the trigger" when deciding on an optic for their beloved rifle. Based on past experiences, I can assure you, that if you are not utilizing a reflex optic (red dot sight) on your rifle, you are out of date. In the sea of alternatives, one optic stood above the rest, The Aimpoint PRO .

Aimpoint AB is a Swedish company that has been developing electronic optics since 1975. This company has introduced over 40 top notch reflex sights, countless being utilized presently by military and law enforcement agencies across the globe. In the year 2011, they made public the Aimpoint PRO also called a Patrol Rifle Optic. This device was centered on military and law enforcement to be used on patrol rifles, shotguns and sub machine guns. On the off chance that at first look this optic appears to be well known to you, it's mainly because it almost certainly is. Other than the outer markings, the PRO is much like the M2, ML2, M3, ML3, Comp3C and works basically the same.

The PRO is designed around Aimpoint’s legendary 30MM tube with a 2 MOA dot and a 30, 000 hour or 3 .4 year battery life. This optic was designed to be left running for swift deployment without fumbling to turn it on. In spite of the long battery life, it is advisable to fork out $6 once every year for a new battery. For those that need to have it, 4 distinct NVD (night vision device) adjustments are provided, in addition to 6 daylight adjustments. This is also water-resistant right down to 150 feet.

An exceptional feature to the PRO is that it is packaged to embody Aimpoint’s QRP2 mount, which is actually set up for co-witnessing of the iron sights on the AR15/M4/M16 platform. This mount has a torque restricting handle framework. It helps keep the user from over tightening the mount and stripping the hardware components.

Additionally introduced is a translucent rear lens cap and a standard opaque front cap, both of which are flip-ups. The translucent rear cap makes it possible for the shooter to use the optic while the front cap is closed. Assuming both eyes are open when shooting (which they ought to be) the red dot is switched to the non dominant eye, enabling the reticule to appear on the desired target. This is effective for shooting off hand and also quick target acquisition.

One time, I mounted the optic on my Daniel Defense DDM4v9. I have put in just about a thousand rounds through the rifle with the optic on, and I was overwhelmed, to say the least. The cost of the PRO is fifty percent of its competitors with the exact same, if not better quality. The optic likewise is compatible with the Aimpoint magnifier, establishing a flawless setup; sighted the optic in at 25 yards while having it lollopped on my Magpul MBUS sights.

Although, it provides the perfect co-witness and after substantial use, with and without the lens cap on, I detected absolutely zero shifts in POI (point of impact) on the target. After the initial exercise, I detached the optic then re-installed it. I saw no significant shifts in POI, further authenticating the quality of the optic. I typically do not take off an optic if I don't need to; nonetheless it is satisfying to know I will in any case get strong hits. All round, this is most definitely a perfect reflex sight for just about any rifle, shotgun, or submachine gun. 

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