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Monday, July 27, 2015

The ShieldUI jQuery Chart component is a fast, feature-rich and highly-customizable control. It offers intuitive API and sleek rendering for all Desktop web browsers and mobile devices.

Key Features

Over 25 charting types, which can handle any data visualization setup:
  • Area 
  • Bar 
  • Line 
  • Scatter 
  • Bubble 
  • Pie 
  • Donut 
  • Rangearea 
  • Rangebar 
  • Rangesplinearea 
  • Sparkline 
  • Spline 
  • Splinearea 
  • Stepline 
  • Steparea 
  • Polarline 
  • Polararea 
  • Polarbar 
  • Polarspline 
  • Polarsplinearea 
  • Polarscatter 

More Features:

The sections below list some of the more important features of the charting component.

Combinational Charts

Combine more than one type of series to establish data correlations or meet specific project requirements.

Zooming and Scrolling

Zoom-in on specific points of interest on the graph with the mouse – a single property allows this out-of-the-box.


The control supports both single and multi-point selection.

Drill Down

Re-populate the control with data upon point selection to achieve a drill-down setup. Each selection displays more related information for the given data.

Multiple Axes

Enable more than one axis for the chart. Relate each data series with a separate y axis to achieve powerful data cohesion on a single graph.

Text formatting

Format the data on either axis or series with either a string expression or a custom function. Enjoy a great degree of flexibility.

Tooltip Formatting

Use the default tooltip for the control or craft your own. This can be done easily with just a single property to specify a string or a custom function to handle the formatting.

Exporting and Printing

Easily export the graph to an image or print it.

Client-side Events

The ShieldUI jQuery charting control is built to facilitate client side interactions and notifications. Series and items highlighting keeps the user aware of the mouse context. Client side events offer a wide range of notifications for clicking items or series, as well as legend entries.

The ShieldUI charting component is also available for development under ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC, as it exposes wrappers for these frameworks. One can download a fully functional trial version from the ShieldUI website and test the component additionally.