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Friday, July 10, 2015

An Abstract about Pen Drive Corrupted Data Recovery Software

We would like to tell users what pen drive refers to before talking about the meaning of pen drive corrupted data recovery software. Actually, pen drive refers to flash disk. It is a mobile storage device. And it consists of mobile hard disk drive (mobile HDD), USB flash disk and a variety of memory cards. However, storage devices, such as hard disk, floppy disk and CD-ROM don’t belong to mobile storage device.

Pen drive corrupted data recovery software is mainly designed to help users recover data from corrupted pen drive with ease. We know that data on our pen drive is easy to be damaged due to partition or disk crash. When users meet the situation of data corruption, they don’t need to be terrified now because corrupted files recovery is simple to realize with the help of data recovery tool.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a piece of wonderful and reliable pen drive corrupted data recovery software. This tool has five useful modules including “Undelete Recovery”, “Lost Partition Recovery”, “Digital Media Recovery”, “CD/DVD Recovery” and “Damaged Partition Recovery”. These five modules can help users achieve data recovery based on different data loss situations. And users may choose the module of “Damaged Partition Recovery” to recover data from corrupted pen drive.

What Does Files Corruption Mean

When files are damaged, they may not be opened. If they can be opened, users will see messy codes in them rather than normal data information. There are five common factors that may cause files corruption. The factors include Trojan virus attack, incorrect operation, software incompatibility as well as sudden power failure.

What Should Users Notice

1. Before Files Are Damaged

Users should try their best to reduce operation mistakes. They should not only insert mobile storage device, such as USB flash disk into computer in a correct way but also plug it out from computer in a right way. In order to protect data, before users plug USB flash disk out from computer, they had better right click USB flash disk icon in the lower right corner of computer desktop and choose “Pop-up USB Flash Disk”.

2. After Files Were Damaged

In order to smoothly recover data from corrupted pen drive, users had better stop doing any operations to it because a tiny operation error can have influence on success rate of data recovery.

Corrupted Files Recovery with Power Data Recovery

1. If users want to recover corrupted files right now, they need to run Power Data Recovery after they got it.

2. Choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” function.

3. Select a target partition and click “Full Scan”.

4. Choose the found files users want to recover and click “Save” to save them to a safe place.

5. Choose a partition to save the files chosen in step four and click “OK” to execute the pending operations.

After reading the above-mentioned simple steps of recovering corrupted files with Power Data Recovery, users can use this pen drive corrupted data recovery software to carry out files recovery by themselves.