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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Maybe mobile phone is the most popular electronic product among people, for it is a multifunctional tool, with which users can make phone calls, send messages, take and save photos, play music and so on. And with the enlargement of SD card capacity, more and more data can be stored in it.

However, the last thing users want to see is that the data in the SD card gets lost still happens occasionally. Data loss results from several reasons: incorrect operation (unexpected deletion and formatting), virus invasion and SD card damage. Here, we would like to discuss how to achieve damaged SD card recovery from Android mobile phone.

In general, SD card damage can be divided into two types: physical damage and partition table damage. Physical damage is fatal to the SD card, because it is irreparable. Under this circumstance, if users want to recover data from it, they have to resort to a professional recovery company to take a chance. But if the cause is partition table damage, users are likely to realize data retrieval from Android mobile phone by themselves.

How to Perform Damaged SD Card Recovery Successfully

Actually, users just need a piece of data recovery software to assist them to reach the goal. In order to ensure the successful recovery, weare going to share a perfect restoration program –MiniTool Power Data Recovery with users. Well, let’s go to see how it works.

Open Power Data Recovery and activate “Damaged Partition Recovery” from the main interface. Next, select the SD card and click “Full Scan” to scan it. (The larger the used space is, the longer time the scan takes.)

After the scan, the found filesare listed on the left part of the interface. At this moment, users can tick the needing ones and then click “Save” to appoint another partition to hold the selected data. After that, click “OK” to continue. Finally, click “OK” again on the pop-up interface to end the whole recovery work.

We guess users have known how to carry out damaged SD card recovery by using Power Data Recovery, which is fully functional. This is because users can accomplish damaged disk recovery from Windows as well as data recovery from other storage devices, such as memory stick and U disk. Therefore, users can download one when they need to conduct data recovery.