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Friday, June 26, 2015

We’re living fast lives in a busy world with very little time left to ourselves and no additional stress is ever welcomed. Unfortunately every modern person who drives a car will eventually experience a car break down in their driving experience. The price of a car repair might catch you unprepared and the search for a trustworthy garage

How does MyCarNeedsA work?

This user friendly price comparison website offers you the opportunity to find the perfect car service just by following a few simple steps. Simply enter your registration details and point out the car need you have. It can be anything from a MOT test, a regular maintenance or a more complicated mechanical repair. MyCarNeedsA will connect you with the right people for the need you have. After you’ve submitted these information car services start bidding for a chance to service your car. When the bidding process is finished you can make the final decision based on the price, the estimated time for getting the job done, or the location of the garage. In the end when your car is back in its shipshape condition leave a review for the auto service that took care for it.

The absolutely best part about this web serivce is that’s time saving and completely free.

How long does the bidding process last?

Being a customer oriented service MyCarNeedsA offer you the oppotunity to choose how long you would like the bidding process to last. It can be anywhere from 24 hours to a week.

After you’ve accepted the bid that you’ve found the most satisfying, your information will be sent to the car service provider who will contact you and book the specific date and time for the job.

Who gets to service my car?

The thing that makes MyCarNeedsA stand out is the fact that it only contracts service provides who are authorised and use only original spare parts in the repair. You also get a 12 month warranty for the parts and the labour done on your car.

Why does my feedback matter?

The quality of the service relays on the feedbacks left by customers. Car service providers are motivated to give their maximum on your car servicing so they would get good ratings when everything is done.

The competition principle might be pretty simple but it’s very effective and MyCarNeedsA has been building a community of satisfied customers all around the United Kingdom.