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Friday, June 19, 2015

By MerineTulloch,FCCA
Great advancement has been made in science and technology and this has resulted in a significant change in how the medical profession performs its functions. This includes treating medical conditions, staying up to date with new developments relating to medicine and drugs, teaching in the classroom and surgical procedures.

The use and need of Medical Animation, sometimes referred to as 3D Medical Animation has grown exponentially in recent times due to the increasing demand for high-tech surgical procedures and treatments. With exposure to technically advanced teaching devices and high quality images from films and documentaries prepared for promotional activities, the medical profession is training more individuals by way of this technique.

Medical animation is on the cutting edge of technology and offers a number of advantages over traditional methods. The presentations simplify graphically, convoluted concepts and demonstrate complex inter-relationships which are often extremely difficult to visualise. Ideas and concepts which are challenging to convey orally of by way of illustrations, can be produced and seen from various angles.

A vast amount of scientific data can be combined into one package which can then be presented on in a simple manner. Animation gets your attention and the information provided in the form of moving pictures is retained by the viewer with much accuracy and over a long period of time.

Why Medical Animation?


It is a fact that 3D Medical Animation explains a whole lot more in less time. Illustrations and video presentations are not able to supply the eclectic functions and freedom that Medical Animation provides. The structure can be segmented or made transparent which allows the viewer to see through the objects and target the significant sections of the presentation.

A one minute 3D animation can deliver as much as three thousand pages of a text, which is equivalent to one hour of oral lecture or ten minutes of a surgical procedure video.


The 3D Medical Animation may cost no more than any other form of media preparation. Often times it is even more affordable. Because the work is done mostly by the computer without the need for personnel, transportation, site rental, insurance and other fees involved the cost of the animation is marginal.

Effective and Extensive

Medical Animation is the best tool to explain anatomy, complex surgeryor medicine.Based on a study done in 2005, medical students who were exposed to 3D Medical Animation teaching methods outperformed the control group (who used only surgical videos) in topographical understanding as well as theoretical understanding.

Here are some categories where 3D Medical Animation has proven its worth.

1. Medical Device Marketing Animation
2. Surgery Training
3. Microbial 3D Medical Animation
4. Simulations of emergency situations for military trainees
5. Surgery Simulation and other Surgeries (Human and Animal
6. Product Marketing Video
7. Legal
8. Research


It is possible to get medical animation done for whatever your purpose, whether analysing, learning surgical procedures, teaching or any other applications that need step by step guidance, accurate technical representations and audio visual aids.