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Monday, February 24, 2014

Apple is planning to launch two models of it's new version iPhone 6. which will be expected to come in the mid of this year. both of the models having larger screen than current models.

Rumors that one of the two models having a screen size of 4.5 inches, while other having a screen size of 5 inches. both of the models are launched to keep in mind to give a rival to samsung phones.

Both of the models will expected to featured with metal cases as used in the current iPhone 5S, and they will leave out the plastic exteriors which used in the iPhone 5C.

Some new features are expected to included in iPhone 6, below are some rumors

Curved Screen - Predicting that next iPhone models having a curved screen on the down edges corner. This feature is taken into consideration that curved screen is more durable and comfortable to use.

Eye Controlled - Some suggested that iPhone should be eye controlled, which allowed users to slide through pages without touching the device. even they try it implement is last iPhone 5S model but didn't got much appreciation, so we can expect the improvement in this course.

Liquid-Metal Body - Apple always tries to provide it's handsets more lighter and stronger which keeps it slim. a liquid metal is an alloy which is stronger than aluminum but light weighted. They also speculated that soon components are also built with these metal.

Eye Retina Security - The new iPhone models comes with an eye retina scanning security which allows users to unlock their device, log in to iTunes and more which needs an extra security concerns.

iOS 8 - Apple also tends to launch the new software for the latest hardware, rumors said that iOS 8 is built on the base of iOS 7 with lots of new features but keep the current design and layout.

Some reports are shows that it could be launched in the may this year. also expected that it would be at higher price and more expensive than it's previous model iPhone 5S.

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