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Friday, July 8, 2016

Serial ports are pretty versatile. They are used for different equipment and various devices communication with computers and servers.

Here are some of those devices:

  • Printer. Older plotters and printers;
  • Mouse. Usually computers that don't have PS/2 or USB port use serial ports to work with a mouse. Some types of mice also connect to a serial port;
  • Modem. Is used mostly by older computers, however some users still find it easier to connect to a modem via serial port even when their computers are equipped with a USB;
  • Network. Connecting to network was the initial task for serial ports, this allowed large files transfer;
  • Telecommunication equipment. Good for debugging, upgrading kernel with PPC boot, tracking boot up messages, monitoring issues with Ethernet;
  • Temperature measuring devices. Such devices can only connect via RS232;
  • Diagnostic tools, credit card readers, and more.

Share serial port over Ethernet

Here is the explanation how to share COM ports over Ethernet on Windows OS. The most obvious way, and probably the easiest one is FlexiHub solution. Follow the steps below:

  1. Download FlexiHub from this page and install it on a computer with serial port to be shared and a computer that will access shared port.
  2. Create a secure FlexiHub account to be able to share COM over Ethernet and manage this shared connection securely. Start the app and click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right corner.
  3. On the Registration page fill in the details and click ‘Create Account’.
  4. Now sign in to FlexiHub account using your newly registered details.
  5. In FlexiHub window you should see all devices available for sharing. Choose the one you want to share.
On the remote computer click 'Connect' and you will be able to work with the device as if it was connected directly to your computer.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Distributing audio over Ethernet is in many ways better than analogue radio. For example the quality of the sound doesn't suffer because of the distance. To send audio over network you may need a long cable which is not always a possibility or use a special software that allows sharing microphone or webcam over network and thus sending audio wirelessly over any distance.

USB Network Gate is a specifically developed software that creates a shared access to a USB microphone over network, or any USB device for that matter. No wires on your desk - everything is neat and clean with this reliable solution that is also easy-to-use.

To share USB mic over Ethernet you just have to do the following:
- Download and install USB Network Gate to your computer and to other computer participating in connection, i.e. the one that is sharing the device and the ones that are going to access this device.
- Open ‘Share local USB devices’ tab, find the device you will be sharing and click ‘Share’ button next to it. You can customize connection settings now or whenever needed. Now remote computers can see and access and work with this device.

Additionally USB Network Gate allows accessing a USB microphone in remote session. It is really handy since once you connect to a remote machine via RDP all USB ports are inaccessible plus there is no audio input/output functionality. USB Network Gate fixes it and lets you work with your local devices on a remote machine as if they were connected to it physically.

USB Network Gate values your privacy, so separate logins will have separate sessions with audio streams and accessible devices. There is no need to worry about confidentiality.

The benefits you get when using the software for accessing USB microphone over network:
- Remote access to any USB device.
- Work cross-platform on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.
- No additional hardware or software is required.
- Works with virtual machine and in remote desktop session.
- Share a device only with specific users.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Do you currently have a desire to stop smoking? Perhaps you have wanted to quit for quite some time but could not do so, no matter how hard you tried. Electronic cigarettes have been available for a couple years, and recently, their popularity has begun to explode. Websites are popping up all over the Internet marketing some of the most popular brands. Halo, Green Smoke and CloudCig just to name a few. There are several reasons why electronic cigarettes UK are much better for you than traditional ones. In this article, we will discuss a couple of the prominent reasons why you should try ecigs if you have ever wanted to end your addiction to smoking.

Lack Of Carcinogens

What most people do not understand about electronic cigarettes is that they do not involve the use of smoke or to carcinogens found in most cigarettes today. These components of cigarettes have been linked to millions of lung cancer cases. As a result of the bad effects of the carcinogens in traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes have become one of the best alternatives to regular smoking.

Can Be Used In Public Places

When you smoked traditional cigarettes, there are many locations where you could not use them. Airlines, restaurants, and in many hotels, smoking is not allowed within the facilities. However, if you need a nicotine fix, but you don't want to find a specific spot to smoke, electronic cigarettes allow you to use them in all of these places because the second-hand smoke is simply water vapour. When the e-cig ignites after you inhale, it converts liquid nicotine into a water vapour. After inhaling, and exhaling, you will see the water vapour coming out of your mouth, not second-hand smoke. Therefore, if you would like more freedom for your smoking habit, electronic cigarettes can provide that for you.

Less Expensive

In some cases, electronic cigarettes can be far less expensive than traditional ones. Although it depends upon the type of cigarettes that you currently smoke, and the best brand of e-cigarettes that you choose, you can sometimes save up to 50% on the cost of your smoking habit, and perpetuate it without being concerned about health risks. By making a healthier choice in regard to your smoking, you can save a considerable amount of money on the cigarettes that you buy by switching to the ecig alternative. In fact, electronic cigarettes UK stores will be able to help you get the same amount of nicotine in your E. cigarettes as you are right now.

Variety Of Flavours

Although it is possible to get different flavours with the cigarettes they smoked today, they are limited to just a few. Regular, menthol, and an assortment of others are the only choices available with regular cigarettes at your store, on the Internet, and through the many cigarette distributors throughout the nation. With electronic cigarettes, they have the aforementioned flavours, along with cherry, vanilla, chocolate, and an assortment of flavours usually associated with certain foods today. And as mentioned before, not only will you get more flavours to choose from, it gives you the freedom to try many different e cigarettes without having to have a negative impact on your health.

Hopefully this information on electronic cigarettes UK will help you make a wise and healthy decision with your smoking habit today. They allow you to get the same amount of nicotine, for half the price, and give you a much healthier way to continue your smoking habit with far fewer health risks. Go ahead and check out an electronic cigarettes UK store today.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Unfortunately non-profit organizations tend to underestimate the power of social media marketing. Their main focus becomes solely on their website with the hopes that they are going to be able to draw enough traffic to meet their needs. Yet there is a huge potential market that is waiting to hear from them in the social media platforms, where they need to build healthy audiences of Fans, Likes, Viewers & Followers.

The success for non profit organizations is all about getting the word out about what they stand for and what they have by way of goals.

The main priorities of many non profit organizations is to generate contributions and donations and recognition for the cause that they stand for. The social media platforms are perfect for really helping to reach these goals. Social media is all about engagement - and generating donations and contributions only works through the proper engagement with Fans and Followers who are sensitive to the needs of the non profit organization. This becomes the target market that has to be sought after when building the social media campaign.

A mention on Facebook or a Share on Instagram of some action that the non profit organization has carried out has a dramatic impact through engagement. This is something that the social world readily wants to share because it is for a good cause.

Recent studies have shown that more than half of the non profit organizations that have built up significant Likes and Followers on social media platforms have been able to escalate their donations. The goal is to focus on the Facebook shares and likes, and the Twitter tweets, to bring the end result of a contribution or a donation in most cases for the non profit organizations.

These organizations are totally dependent in most circumstances on the willingness of the public to contribute to their costs. It has also been discovered that social media is growing three times faster as leading campaigns for non profit organizations compared to email campaigns.

One of the stumbling blocks that non profit organizations face is that the majority of their staff is there on a volunteer basis, and they are stretched thin when it comes to the obligations that they have taken on for the organization. Most often there is just not enough help to go around to be able to dedicate their time it to the social media marketing campaigns that are necessary to make them successful for the non profits.

Non profit organizations also have the option of being able to take advantage of support services that can help build their Likes much quicker than what they may be able to do – without resorting to just buying them. These are services that are offered by highly-regarded companies including

For individuals that really have found a non-profit organization that they would like to support but are not able to financially, they might want to consider offering their services as a social media marketer. Of course this means that one has to have the knowledge and expertise to do this, but it is not something that cannot be learned. The most common the platform that non profits tend to be drawn to is Facebook, although many do use Twitter as well as LinkedIn and YouTube.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Uninstall WhatsApp – Cyber Security Expert John McAfee Uses and Trusts RakEM for His Private Messages

RakEM, the Most Secure and Private Fully Integrated Communications App, Used and Trusted by John McAfee

New York, New York, April 19, 2016 – RakEM, the world’s most secure messenger, is trusted and used every day by cyber security pioneer and expert John McAfee. WhatsApp recently announced availability of end-to-end encryption for messages on their system – a necessity that was built into RakEM from our original launch – but there are still many questions around the data being collected by WhatsApp and their parent Facebook.

“I trust and use RakEM for my private messages and calls.” said John

McAfee, cyber security expert and pioneer, and presidential candidate.

“WhatsApp collected metadata about who I messaged, when and where – RakEM does not collect metadata, encrypts local files, and uses the strongest end-to-end encryption around.”

RakEM uses device-to-device direct messaging so, unlike WhatsApp, messages and metadata do not go to our server, they are sent directly from the sender’s device to the recipient’s device. RakEM encrypts local data, so even if your phone is hacked and your files decrypted, your RakEM files are still encrypted. More information

The key features of RakEM include:

Encrypted text, pictures, video, emoji, animated emoji and even doodling and doodling on pictures

Encrypted Group Live Chat and Post - Unlimited members in groups Encrypted Group Calling – up to 5 members at a time

Encrypted Voice and Video calling Encrypted Voice and Video attachments

Encrypted Location sharing and who’s near display

RakemSphere interface – interactive 3D sphere of friends interface (no VR goggles required)

Reciprocal deletion of messages – deletes off your phone and the recipients phone

Highest levels of end-to-end encryption

Direct device-to-device communications – no servers

“RakEM was created from the ground up to be the most secure and private messenger.” said Greg Parker, President and CEO of Raketu. “Messages move directly from the sender’s device to the recipient’s device, no servers, and everything is encrypted.”

RakEM runs over any internet/data connection. Anyone with data services on Android, iOS, Windows or Mac OS can download and start using RakEM immediately.

About Raketu Communications Inc.

Raketu Communications Inc. makes highly secure, cross platform messaging and communication fun by developing leading edge device-to-device direct Internet protocol applications for consumers and for business across mobile devices, tablets, desktops and laptops. Powered by Raketu’s patent-pending Serverless Secure™ encryption technology and system architecture, Raketu’s RakEM mobile messaging platform supports text, voice, video, and photo, among other private and encrypted messaging media. The company currently has users in over 150 countries around the world. For more information visit the company’s website at

Monday, February 29, 2016

Laundry has gone digital! Here’s some of the many reasons why you should outsource your laundry and drycleaning to an on-demand laundry app like Sudzy (

Save time: The average person spends 2.5 hours a week doing our laundry. What would you do if you could add 10 extra hours every month to your calendar?

Save money: If you do a load of laundry by yourself it will cost $45 including the detergents, laundry machine, dryer, and iron, and also your time. For under $21, you you get the same job done by professionals.

Cleaned with Care by Cleaners Around You: Doing business with local laundromats helps them to stay in business and you to enjoy high-quality service.

Enjoy $10 off your first laundry pickup at

Monday, February 22, 2016

These days it’s a challenge to have your PC protected against all threats that have been lurking around on the Internet. Even people who are experienced PC users encounter security problems that they can’t handle on their own. That’s when MalwareHero comes in handy with its free advice and practical guides on how to protect your computer from threats as well as how to remove malware that has already invaded your PC. 

MalwareHero is a website whose purpose is defying malware and teaching PC users how to avoid it. The team behind this website has recognized the need to offer simple and comprehensible information about malware so that people who aren’t PC experts could understand what it’s all about. Malware Protection section is a perfect place to start learning about the basics of malware. Here you can find the ABC of malware explained in layman’s terms, unlike many other websites that deal with this subject as if it were rocket science.

We witness new malware threats and viruses on a daily basis, and it’s very important to find out about them before they reach our computers. MalwareHero is always on top of the situation as it manages to get hold of the latest security issues and it’s usually among the first to spread the word about them. If you check it out regularly, you don’t have to worry about your security as you’ll be well informed. It’s important to point out that the News section deals with topics related to Windows, iOS and Android operating systems.

Guides section is packed with numerous free removal guides and tutorials, carefully designed to be suitable even for completely inexperienced PC users. This means that they are written in ordinary language, while some tech phrases have been simplified and explained. Screenshots additionally make it easier for people to follow the removal procedures and apply them. Each guide is accompanied by a practical video tutorial that shows the removal procedure in a user-friendly step-by-step fashion. There are articles that show in detail how to remove PUPs, adware, browser hijackers, Trojans and other frequent malware. Since prevention is better than cure, MalwareHero provides you with ideas on how to protect your computer and avoid any potential threats. If you want to see it for yourself, we suggest that you read a couple of their articles such as “How to remove” or “How to Remove Genieo Toolbar from Mac”.

Another interesting option is that you can actually contact the MalwareHero staff and ask any question concerning malware or any other related PC issue, and you’ll get your reply in no time. Just click on Ask a Question tab and MalwareHero will come to your rescue.

To put it in a nutshell, if you are experience malware issues or if you just want to prevent them, we cordially recommend you MalwareHero. This website is your reliable companion in a battle against malware and other potential threats.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

iPhone 6S Plus

When you compare latest flagships in the realm of phablet, you can find out which one can alternate the Apple iPhone 6s Plus. Below are the few comparisons we found.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Having the big screen (5.7-inch screen) Samsung Galaxy Note 5 manages to be 11 percent lighter than iPhone 6s plus. Note 5 is 171g whereas iPhone 6s plus is 192g. iPhone 6s plus comes in gray, silver, gold and rose gold colors but Note 5 comes in black, white, silver, gold colors.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Note 5 has (5.7") a 7 percent bigger screen than iPhone 6s plus (5.5"). With the resolution of 2560x1440 with 518ppi, Note 5 beats to iPhone 6s with the resolution of 1920x1080 at 401ppi. When it comes to camera, Note 5 consists of 16mp rear camera with 5mp front facing camera while iPhone 6s plus has 12mp rear camera with 5mp front facing camera. Note 5 holds 4GB RAM but there is no information about iPhone 6s plus' RAM. Another special feature of Note 5 is wireless charging system which can't be found in iPhone 6s plus.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus: Edge+ has the big screen (5.7-inch screen) compared to iPhone 6s plus. Edge+ is is lighter (153g) than iPhone 6s plus (192g). iPhone 6s plus is thicker than Edge plus as it is 7.1mm where Edge plus is 6.9mm. iPhone 6s plus comes in gray, silver, gold and rose gold colors but Edge plus comes in black, white, silver, gold colors.

Edge plus has 5.7" screen with the resolution of 2560 x 1440 with 518 ppi, while iPhone 6s has the resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 401 ppi. Both has fingerprint scanner.

Edge plus consists of 16mp rear camera with 5mp front facing camera while iPhone 6s plus has 12mp rear camera with 5 MP front facing camera. Another special feature of Note 5 is wireless charging system which can't be found in iPhone 6s plus. When it comes to internal storage, Edge plus has 32 GB expandable up to 64 GB where iPhone 6s plus has 16Gb expandable up to 128 GB. Edge plus runs Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with Exynos 7420 processor while iPhone 6s runs with Apple A8 with M8 motion core processor.

Motorola Moto X: The dimension of Moto X is 6.06 x 3.00 x 0.44 inches (153.9 x 76.2 x 11.06 mm) whereas iPhone 6s plus has 6.23 x 3.07 x 0.29 inches (158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm). Moto X has plastic body with splash, dust resistance and IP 52 certified but iPhone 6s plus has aluminum body. When it comes to camera, Moto X consists of 21mp and iPhone 6s plus has 12mp. With the resolution of 1440 x 2560 at a 515 ppi, Moto X has bigger screen 5.7 inches than iPhone 6s Plus that has 5.5 inches with the resolution of 1080 x 1920 at a 401 ppi. iPhone 6s plus runs A9 chip set with 64-bit processor and Moto X runs Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 MSM8992 with 6-core, 1800 MHz, Cortex-A57 processor.
Motorola Moto X

LG G4: LG G4 has the 5.5-inch screen with QHD 1440x2560 Quantum IPS at a 534 ppi while iPhone 6s plus has 5.5 inches with the resolution of 1080 x 1920 at a 401ppi. LG G4 is lighter than iPhone 6s plus as it is 155g and iPhone 6s plus is 172g. When it comes to battery, LG G4 has Built-in 3000mAh whereas iPhone 6s plus has 2915 mAh. With the 3GB LPDDR3 RAM LG G4 runs Qualcomm's Snapdragon 808 64-bit hexa-core chip but iPhone 6s plus has iOS 8, upgradable to iOS 8.4 with A8 chip set. LG G4 sports 16mp rear camera with 8mp front facing camera while iPhone 6s plus has 12mp rear camera with 5mp front facing camera.


Huawei Mate S: Having 5.5 inches display, Huawei Mate S runs Android 5.1 Emotion 3.1 UI with the resolution of 1080 x 1920 at a 401 ppi. On the other hand, iPhone 6s plus has 5.5 inches display with the resolution of 1080 x 1920 at a 401 ppi. Huawei Mate S consists of 13 MP rear camera whereas iPhone 6s plus has 8 MP rear camera. Huawei Mate S has 8-core, 2200 MHz, ARM Cortex-A53e 64-bit processor while iPhone 6s plus runs A9 chip set with 64-bit processor.
Huawei Mate S

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ringing Bells officially unveiled Freedom 251 on Wednesday, an android smartphone at just Rs. 251, the cheapest android smartphone in world till now. Can’t believe! but its true. This smartphone costs approximately $4 which is even cheaper than a fiverr service. Cost of this amazing smartphone is just Rs. 251 only, which makes it a clear winner of lowest priced smartphone in the world.

About Ringing Bells

Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd. is established in 2015, a Noida based smartphone Manufacturer Company. After announcing this most affordable smartphone is the world, the company is fairly popular in the news and media in very short span of time. Ringing Bells says with the immense support from Indian Government and Make in India program we are able to hit such a price point with an aim to provide the smartphone to everyone.

Freedom 251 Specifications

Freedom 251 is an entry level smartphone runs on Android lollipop 5.1. It having a 4 inch qHD IPS display with a screen resolution of 540 x 960 pixel. It is powered by 1.3 GHz quad core processor with 1 GB RAM. The phone having 3.2 megapixel primary (rear) camera with no flash as well as 0.3 megapixel secondary (front) camera. It is packed with 8 GB internal storage and can be expanded up to 32 GB with micro SD card. It has a removable battery of 1450 mAh capacity. Other features are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3.5 mm audio jack, FM and proximity sensors. It is a single SIM GSM phone with 3G support and 1 year warranty.

7 Things you need to know about Freedom 251

1. Freedom 251 is launched on Wednesday, 17th Feb 2016 at an event at New Delhi, Chief Guests of this event are the Union Defence Minister Sri Manohar Parrikar and Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, MP.

2. Ringing Bells says that Freedom 251 is developed with the immense support from PM Narendra Modi’s Make in India program

3. Freedom 251 is priced at Rs. 251 which is less that $4 USD, claims for the most affordable smartphone in the world.

4. This smartphone having all important specifications of average entry level android smartphone with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

5. Phone having few preinstalled apps like Women Safety, Swachh Bharat, Fisherman, Farmer, Medical, Google Play, Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube and others.

6. With such a great price of Rs. 251 the Freedom 251 has a potential to realize the Digital India vision

7. Ringing Bells having currently 650 service centers on pan India basis.

How to Book Freedom 251

Bookings of Freedom 251 will be starts from Thursday 18th Feb 2016 – 6 AM onwards at official website of Freedom 251

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Introduction: The Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, one of the Snapdragon premium tier processors, is designed to support advanced connected mobile user experiences that include streaming 4K Ultra HD video, sharing top-quality digital photos, online 3D games, and virtually seamless communications. It is effectively a simpler SoC than the Snapdragon 810. With two CPU cores instead of four, a more mature and advanced LPDDR3 memory controller, a smaller GPU, and some general reductions in features, this brought success to the realm of chips.

LG G4: The LG G4 is the first smartphone powered by a Hexa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 64-bit 28nm processor that has two bigger ARM Cortex A57 cores clocked at 1.8GHz per core and four smaller ARM Cortex A53 cores clocked at 1.44GHz per core with 600 MHz Adreno 418 GPU. LG G4 has the 5.5-inch screen with QHD 1440x2560 Quantum IPS at a 534 ppi, and it sports 16mp rear camera with 8mp front facing camera to have the quality photos and selfies.
Xiaomi Mi 4c: Xiaomi has brought MI 4C with different chipset from its predecessors. This smartphone differs from its predecessors in terms of chipset and the software version. The Xiaomi Mi 4c is powered by a 1.4 GHz hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor which enables multitasking needs. The device is equipped with 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage with no expansion. It has 5-inches Full HD display, and it runs Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with MIUI 7 on top. The Mi 4i, the Mi 4c has LTE support with other features including dual-SIM slots, 4G, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and a USB Type-C connector.

Google Nexus 5X: Providing Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 MSM8992, Hexa-core, 1800 MHz, ARM Cortex-A57 and ARM Cortex-A53, 64-bit, LG brought Google Nexus 5X to the world of gadget against its competitors. It has 2700 mAh capacity battery, 32 GB internal storage, 12.3 megapixels rear cameras and 5megapixel front facing camera. With 5.2 inches display with the resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixel at 423 ppi, this device brought good name to the LG. It has Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Scratch-resistant glass (Corning Gorilla Glass 3), Oleophobic coating.

LG V10: It runs Android OS, v5.1.1 (Lollipop), and it has Qualcomm MSM8992 Snapdragon 808 (Quad-core 1.44 GHz Cortex-A53 & dual-core 1.82 GHz Cortex-A57 - CPU and Adreno 418 GPU). With 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, expandable up to 128GB, LG V 10 is another stunning product of LG. It holds 5.7 inch (70.8% screen-to-body ratio) display with the resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels (515 ppi pixel density), and it has Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It is expected to be released in October, 2015. It features 16 MP, 5312 x 2988 pixels, rear camera and 5MP front facing camera.

Motorola Moto X Style: It is another flagship of Motorola that has Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 MSM8992, 1.8GHz hexa-core processor with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage expandable up to 128GB. It has a 21MP rear camera and 5MP front facing camera. Featuring 5.70 inch display, with the resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels at 520 ppi, this device was released in July, 2015.

Conclusion: Above described gadgets are having Qualcomm's Snapdragon 808 processors, which is smaller than Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 but this processor has more effect than Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810.